How long before I receive my final gallery?

I always strive to deliver galleries between 4 to 6 weeks after you make your final selections, however I always try to beat that when possible. I know we are excited!

Will you Photoshop me?

Nope - I won’t. Part of what I do is to make you feel empowered and with that involves creating a space of body neutrality and positivity.

I will however, correct blemishes, temporary marks and correct any major indifferences, so that you are proud to display your images.

Will you guide me during our session?

Of course I will — Part of what I do is to make you feel comfortable with me and my camera! It’s sort of my thing. *smirk*

We will chat, laugh and listen to your favourite music, while I watch YOU and navigate your session in ways I know you will shine! There isn’t a one-size-fits-all in photography.

Where do sessions take place?

Anywhere! My studio, your home, a coffee shop, outdoor location - you name it, I have shot there and can help finalize these details with you upon booking and determining where would make the most sense for your goals.

Do you have a studio space?

Yes! I am so proud to offer an exclusive studio space for my clients!

Loft ON MAIN, is located downtown Hamilton and offers the fun of hanging out at your best friends apartment, while having uniquely designed sets, a make-up area, dressing space and more! This space is not open the public which makes it and your images, all the more exclusive!